Shroud Shoots Flying Car Hackers Out of the Air on PUBG


Shroud has encountered more than his fair share of hackers in PUBG over recent weeks, but took matters into his own hands this time – sniping two car hackers out of the air with incredible accuracy.

A recent swarm of ‘car hackers’ have appeared in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, granting these cheats the ability to fly around the map in a back to the future like style.

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Shroud himself even mistakenly got into a car with a hacker, resulting in a temporary ban of his account, so safe to say he has somewhat of a vendetta against them.

The next time he came across such a hacker in game, the popular streamer comically avoided interacting with the car.

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The next time Shroud came across a car hacker though, he had enough, and simply pinpointed the driver for a clean headshot – before finishing off his teammate too.

Notoriously hard to hit targets moving in vehicles in PUBG, it is even more impressive that shroud managed to take them out while flying in mid-air.

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PUBG developer Brendan Greene recently claimed that there aren’t many hackers in the game, but given the frequency of shroud’s encounters this seems a stretch.

Speaking about the car physics issue however, Greene did state that it is something the team are struggling to find a fix for. Speaking to PCGamesN, Greene said:

“It is very, very hard to fix. We have some very smart people working on this. Although I can’t promise a conclusion to the space race just yet, we’ll see some improvement in the future. Unfortunately, if we do that though, we won’t see any more bugged videos on YouTube!”

So for now, it looks like shroud might be PUBG’s best defense against these pesky car hackers, if he can keep hitting shots like that.