Dr Disrespect bets $10K on Logan Paul in “rigged” Mayweather fight - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect bets $10K on Logan Paul in “rigged” Mayweather fight

Published: 7/Jun/2021 1:54 Updated: 7/Jun/2021 2:41

by Bill Cooney


Dr Disrespect has revealed he’s putting his money, $10,000 of it to be exact, on Logan Paul to beat Floyd Mayweather, but not because he thinks the social media star is a better fighter.

It’s finally June 6, which means it’s time for the biggest boxing match of the year so far — Logan Paul vs. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather — and tons of people are placing money on the incredibly hyped matchup, including Dr Disrespect.

On Twitter, just before the pre-fight festivities began, Doc revealed he had placed 10,000 clams on the obvious underdog Logan Paul, but not because he believes the influencer actually has a chance at winning.


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Doc is no stranger to big spending, but a $10k sports bet is nothing to sneeze at.

“I already feel this fight might be rigged,” Doc revealed, before launching into a 5D diagnosis of the situation. “Analyzing everything… I’m putting 10k on Logan. That’s about how much I spend on gas per week.”

That’s right folks, according to the Two-Time, money on Logan is a safe bet because the fight is “rigged,” which is similar to the accusation leveled against his brother Jake after his knockout win against Ben Askren.

At the time Doc tweeted how much he was putting up, the betting lines we were able to find gave Paul odds of +400, which means with the initial bet of $10,000, he could potentially win $40,000, for a total payout of $50,000.


This of course all relies of the fact that the fight is rigged, because if Doc is wrong and Floyd is going in full-throttle, the outcome could very well not turn out in his favor.

The only way to find out if Doc is right and the fight is really “rigged” or not, is to watch the fight itself at 8PM EST on June 6, and you can find all the info you need in our official hub.

Rigged or not, staged or real, this is one spectacle you won’t want to miss because no matter who wins, it’s all the internet’s going to be talking about for the next few days.