Dr DisRespect explains why PlanetSide Arena could be the next big Battle Royale game

After watching a brand new trailer for PlanetSide Arena during one of his streams, DrDisrespect seems very impressed by the new multiplayer game which is set to launch in 2019. 

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The new multiplayer sci-fi shooter is developed by the Daybreak Game Company and after The Doc caught eye of the game during his Twitch livestream, he made his feelings known to his audience.

“I like what I see. You know what I see right there ladies and gentlemen? There are two things I see there,” said DrDisRespect. “I see skill. I see skill of the game – one thousand players per match – that’s skill. On a large ass map – skill.”

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“Number two, which I think is very important, I see tonnes of content. Lots and lots and lots of content. It has a Halo feel to it, a Halo feel and look to it for sure. Now, those are my pros. Skill and content. It’s flooding my screen, flooding my eyes and I love to see it,” he added.

Daybreak are best known for H1Z1, and its battle royale mode ‘King of the Kill’ was once the most popular BR game on the market, before being overshadowed by PUBG and later Fortnite.

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Players will drop into the war-torn landscape of Auraxis and will all fight to become the champion of the large arena. As DrDisRespect eluded to, games can reach up to one thousand players in a session of battle royale, which means players are going to have to pull out all the stops to survive.

The game is set to be made available on Steam on January 29 of next year and many people have touted it as yet another rival to Fortnite, PUBG and other battle royale titles, given the game’s massive multiplayer arena. Whether or not it will compete remains to be seen.

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