DoorDash driver terrifies customer after they refused to pre-tip on order

DoorDash driver terrifies customer after they refused to pre-tip on orderTIKTOK: ashes2ashes_9

A customer’s DoorDash driver cursed them out after they didn’t tip before receiving an order, sparking a debate on TikTok.

TikToker ashes2ashes_9’s doorbell camera recorded their DoorDash driver losing it after the customer refused to acknowledge whether or not he would be receiving a cash tip.

“This is f**king ridiculous dude,” the driver can be heard muttering to himself in front of the customer’s door. He then began typing on his phone before approaching the door and knocking.

“Clenched his fist and scared me inside from pounding so hard,” the TikToker wrote in a text-overlay on the clip. The driver then waited outside the door, and called the customer for what they claimed is the third time.

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After they picked up the phone, the driver said that since he saw there was $0 allotted on the tip through the app, he wanted to know if there was a cash one waiting for him. “F**king loser,” he said after the customer hung up on them.

In the video caption, the customer wrote that while they are “pro tip,” they weren’t happy with the level of service they received from the delivery driver.

Some TikTok users in the comments defended the DoorDash driver.

“As a former DOORDASHER I would’ve declined your order and made your food cold. Tip next time,” one user wrote. “No tip up front so you should be happy he even dropped it off,” another added.

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Most users, however, sided with the TikToker.

“Idc if they didn’t tip… you don’t bang on someone’s door WHILE you’re working. I’m glad he didn’t get tipped,” one user said.

“I honestly never understand why DoorDashers cry when it’s a no tip. You can decline the order and move on,” another commented.

“Absolutely NOT. That would be a safety hazard the way he even knocked he is DANGEROUS,” a third shared.

This is just the latest DoorDash-related moment to go viral on TikTok, after a Dasher threw a non-tipping customer’s food on the floor and blasted it with cold air.

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