DoorDash driver throws non-tipping customer’s order on floor and blasts it with cold air

DoorDash driver throws non-tipping customer's order on floor and blasts it with cold airTIKTOK: doordash_chronicles

A DoorDash driver left viewers divided on TikTok, after throwing a non-tipping customer’s order on the floor and deliberately making it cold.

In a viral video with 335,000 views, a content creator on the doordash_chronicles account filmed himself handling an order from a customer who didn’t tip.

The DoorDash driver is in a car delivering an order sitting in the passenger seat. “Every once in a while, just for kicks, I like to pick up someone’s order who didn’t want to tip,” he began. “And this is how it goes.”

The driver then tossed a plastic bag carrying food to the floor in front of the passenger seat. He then turned up the air conditioning and directed it to the floor vents to cool down the order.

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“Enjoy, motherf**ker,” he said in the clip, with the on-screen caption writing, “When I’m bored I like to play with the cheapskates.”

TikTok reacts to DoorDasher throwing customer’s food on the floor

In the comments, many TikTok users informed the driver that they wait until the order is delivered before tipping.

“This is so silly to me. Tipping should be AFTER a good service not before in hopes that someone does their job well,” one user wrote.

“Dude, some of us wait to see how you do so we can tip you well if you do well,” another said.

Others suggested that the customer might have been a cash tipper.

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“How do you know they weren’t going to tip you in cash at delivery,” one questioned.

“Nah! Because I always tip them cash… they probably think they aren’t getting a tip and if they treat my food like this,” another commented.

The DoorDash driver replied, saying: “[The customer] didn’t tip cash. He stood on his front steps confused when he saw his bag sitting on the sidewalk and not his door.”

This is just the latest DoorDash-related moment to take TikTok by storm. Last week, a driver sparked a debate after giving a non-tipping customer’s food away.

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