Woman sparks debate claiming DoorDash driver asked her to pay for his gas

DoorDash TikTok SecretlyKarissaTikTok: SecretlyKarissa/Unsplash: @querysprout

A woman has gone viral on TikTok with a video claiming that her DoorDash driver asked her to pay for the gas he used to deliver her food.

When it comes to TikTok drama, there’s no shortage of it coming from DoorDash — whether it be customers or drivers.

Just recently, one driver gave away a customer’s food due to not getting a tip while a customer was terrified after their driver cursed them out because they didn’t tip when making the order.

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Now, TikToker secretlykarissa has gone viral with a video claiming that her dasher requested she compensates him for the gas used to make the delivery.

TikToker claims dasher gave her their gas receipt

In the short, six-second clip, Karissa looked appalled while the text overlayed on the screen explained the situation.

“My dasher wants me to compensate him for his travel so he gave me his gas receipt with my order,” she said.

The video then panned to the gas receipt, showing her Chik-Fil-A order beside it.

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Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts, sparking a debate about the dasher’s alleged actions in the process.

“DoorDash literally give you discount on gas and shows you the cheapest places to get gas,” one user replied.

Another viewer said: “Like sir, these fees got me paying 29.99 for a CFA meal. Get outta here.”

“Does he know that’s not how DoorDash works,” one user asked.

While others were on the other side of the debate. “He right for that, DoorDash don’t charge enough,” one user replied.

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