What is Doe Eyes vs Siren Eyes on TikTok? Viral trend explained

Georgina Smith
TikTok user doing the Doe Eyes Siren Eyes trendTikTok: hayleybuix

TikTok users have been participating in a viral trend that has them comparing their ‘doe eyes’ and their ‘siren eyes’  — here’s everything you need to know about the challenge.

Social media has had its fair share of viral challenges over the years, and none have had more than short-form video app TikTok.

It seems like every week there’s a new trend for people to try out, with past examples including the Bugs Bunny challenge, the fruit roll-up race, and the pen-in-cup game.

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The latest trend to go viral on the platform sees users comparing their ‘doe eyes’ and their ‘siren eyes,’ and although some of the videos from people participating are getting hundreds and thousands of likes, there are still plenty of people who are confused about what exactly the trend is.

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As some commenters have explained, ‘doe eyes’ appears to refer to when your eyes are open wider, and ‘siren eyes’ refers to when they look more narrow, with the doe expression giving a more ‘innocent’ look and the siren expression being more mysterious. Users have been trying out both looks and asking their followers for opinions on which is better.

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Some have even been finding videos of their favorite celebrities doing both doe and siren eyes and turning them into viral edits.

This is along with a few users who have been experimenting with different makeup looks to help them easily achieve both siren and doe eyes.

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However, the trend has caused some controversy on social media, with some criticizing participants who claim they use ‘doe eyes’ to “manipulate men.” Others have simply described the challenge as “cringy.”

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Despite this, plenty of people are continuing to go viral with their attempts, and it looks like it could continue to be popular on TikTok in the future.

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