What is the ‘blue eye theory’ on TikTok?

Photo 1 shows woman with natural dark eyes. Photo 2 shows same woman with fake blue eyes.TIKTOK: nadinebreaty

TikTok users are going viral with their videos talking about the ‘blue eye theory’ — but what exactly is this latest theory all about? Here’s everything to know.

Short-form video app TikTok has become a breeding ground for crazy trends, challenges, and theories that capture the attention of millions worldwide.

Some of the most popular theories that have gained traction on TikTok include the popular ‘shoe theory,’ and the more recent ‘hair theory,’ which users have gone on to discuss in viral videos.

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The latest one to blow up on the social media platform is the ‘blue eye theory,’ although it has divided opinion on what it is about, and whether or not it is real. Here’s everything to know about it.

TikTok’s viral ‘blue eye theory’ explained

The theory states that blue eyes make a person look more intimidating. So, if a person with brown, black, or hazel eyes pulls the same expression with blue eyes, they look more daunting.

Many TikTokers with darker eye shades are now using the ‘blue eyes’ filter on the app to prove this theory. In their videos, they capture an expression with their normal eye color and stare into the camera.

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Some users who have naturally blue eyes have agreed that their stares are often considered too intense and unsettling, even claiming that people avoid eye contact with them. Others, however, think they only look intimidating if “you don’t have them naturally.”

While there might be legitimacy to the claims made by these users, the ‘blue eye theory ‘on TikTok is not a real theory with any scientific backing.

Nonetheless, videos about it are continuing to garner millions of views and thousands of likes across the app, as more people are trying out the ‘blue eyes’ filter to see if it really does change anything.

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