Dr Disrespect caught red-handed reinstalling PUBG after ‘forgetting’ to end stream

Bill Cooney

Dr. Disrespect has a love/hate relationship with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and after uninstalling the game during a stream on Monday, August 19, he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar reinstalling the game after his sign off.

Doc has had a big week, after showing up to the 2019 CWL Championships in a rented Lamborghini on August 16, he attempted to channel the dark forces of the underworld to improve his PUBG performance.

Unfortunately, it seems like Beelzebub put Doc on hold because his luck didn’t get any better, which led to the streamer uninstalling PUBG yet again during the stream, only to get ‘caught’ reinstalling it after signing off for the day.

What’s Doc’s problem with PUBG?

After missing what appeared to be a dead on headshot on an enemy player in a window, Doc said he liked the concept of PUBG, but the current state of the game was too much to handle.

“The game design is great, the pacing is great, the way the weapons feel, leading shots, arcing bullets full of velocity, the idea of the armor system – I think it’s all fantastic,” Doc told viewers. “But I think there is a level of deeper concern with how this game is programmed, with this shit engine.”

“Do me a favor Glen (Schofield), get that team of yours, and get rid of these fucking problems,” The streamer said. “It’s making me sick.”

Schofield, a co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, joined the PUBG Corporation earlier in 2019 to head up a new triple-A development studio called Striking Distance based in Los Angeles that will develop “an original narrative in the PUBG universe.”

But it seems like Doc’s uninstalling of PUBG was only temporary, as he was “caught” with his stream up after his outro reinstalling the game.

Doc’s on-stream production is usually spot on, so the chances of this being an actual slip up and not a gag are pretty slim, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

What else is Doc up to?

Apart from his ongoing war with PUBG, Doc also released his latest chart-topping single dedicated to all his stream snipers.

“Give ‘Em The Love” (written by J+1 AKA Jason Folks) doesn’t actually say anything about stream snipers in the song, but Dr Disrespect did say it was dedicated to those fans who just can’t get enough.

Even though Doc may have more problems with PUBG than you can shake a can of moustache wax at, it’s still a major part of his channel and doesn’t seem to be going away, permanently anyway.

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