Dixie D’Amelio & Noah Beck’s relationship timeline – are they dating?

Published: 18/Sep/2020 17:34 Updated: 21/Nov/2020 17:30

by Georgina Smith


After TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio ended her last relationship, fans of the eldest D’Amelio sister were keen to see her with somebody new. Rumors began to circulate about her and Sway House star Noah Beck, and after months of speculation the pair have finally made it official. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dixie and Griffin Johnson break up – June 2020

As a TikTok star with nearly 40 million followers, Dixie has attracted a huge amount of attention on the app along with 90 million follower sister Charli.

Due to the large portion of their lives they share online, people became particularly invested in their dating lives, and one big topic of conversation was the rumored relationship between Dixie and fellow star Griffin Johnson.

Dixie D'Amelio and Griffin Johnson
Instagram: Dixie D\'Amelio
Dixie and Griffin’s relationship grounded to a halt after cheating allegations

The rumors started gaining traction in June 2020 when Dixie posted a picture of the pair cuddled up together. Yet the happiness quickly evaporated when Chase Hudson publicly accused Griffin of cheating on Dixie, and any chance of the relationship progressing was stunted.

Noah and Dixie dating rumors begin – August 2020

Come August, people had begun to set their sights on a romance between Dixie and Sway House member Noah Beck, who has just over 14 million followers.

Fans noticed they’d been hanging out with each other more and more, and the pair were even captured by paparazzi getting up close and personal with each other, which some took as practical confirmation that they were more than friends.

Dixie and Noah deny rumors – September 2020

Despite major signs that appeared to give the impression the two were in a relationship, or at least testing the waters, the pair denied any involvement with each other in a romantic sense in early September when speaking to paparazzi.

The Noah told the Hollywood Fix that they were “just best friends, just good friends” which dashed the hopes of many that they would go on to confirm they were dating.

Topic begins at 0:20

When the same reporter told Dixie that fans had apparently given her “the green light” to date after breaking up with Griffin, she calmly replied “no, I’m okay” and suggested she was still sticking to what the reporter described as a “no TikTok boys” rule.

Dixie’s music video teaser is released – September 2020

While the pair shutting down relationship rumors appeared to draw a line under people’s previous theories, they sparked conversation all over again when Dixie released a behind the scenes teaser of a music video for the remix of her song “Be Happy.”

The video showed Noah and Dixie in an affectionate beach getaway as part of the video, cuddling up next to each other in the sand for the perfect cinematic shot.

Dixie’s team left the most exciting part for the very end of the video, however, showing the two stars leaning in for a kiss. Fans were convinced that that was the sign that “she’s definitely dating Noah now” and that they “cannot be just friends.”

But without any actual real life confirmation of their relationship, fans were going crazy trying to figure out what it could all mean.

Noah confirms he’s dating Dixie – October 2020

After months of speculation, fans were overjoyed when finally Noah revealed that he and Dixie are officially dating. In an interview with Awesomeness TV, when asked the question “who is Noah Beck dating?” he replied “I am dating Dixie D’Amelio,” the confirmation people had been searching for.

Topic starts at 1:01

“Dixie’s amazing, she’s an awesome girl,” he said, adding that “it’s been really fun and so I’m excited for the future”

Dixie and Noah respond to fake relationship claims – November 2020

Alex Cooper, a host of the Call Her Daddy podcast, went viral for a video in which she roasted various TikTok boys, causing uproar on social media. Among her comments she claimed that Noah and Dixie were faking their relationship for the internet, though the couple were baffled by the claims.


#duet with @stoolpresidente lmao she caught us 🤭😓😳😤😪💯👏🏼 #acting #besties #noahneck

♬ original sound – Dave Portnoy

In a funny TikTok, the two stars reacted to the bizarre claims, and it’s clear that they weren’t having any of it. In the comments they poked fun at how bad their acting skills are, and that there’s no possible way they could be faking.

The couple are still going strong, constantly posting adorable TikToks together, and being spotted on walks. It’s safe to say that the internet are loving this amazing match, and are excited to see what the future holds for the pair.



Tommyinnit reveals he used to stream snipe Shroud before he was famous

Published: 20/Jan/2021 11:22 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 11:27

by Calum Patterson


Tommyinnit might be the most popular streamer on Twitch right now, averaging over 200,000 concurrent viewers for his sporadic Minecraft streams, but it turns out he used to be a massive shroud fanboy. In fact, he was one of shroud’s infamous stream snipers.

Stream sniping is the practice of using a streamer’s broadcast to gain information about the game they are playing – either to get an unfair advantage, or simply to join their game and troll them.

During the height of PUBG’s popularity in 2017, shroud was the biggest streamer on Twitch, and had an army of loyal stream snipers who would try endlessly to get into his matches.

Shroud’s stream snipers weren’t like others though – instead of trying to kill him, they would sing him songs, give him weapons and armor, or try to save his life when under attack.

Tommyinnit stream sniping shroud
Twitch: Shroud
Tommyinnit would get into shroud’s game’s to troll.

Tommyinnit admits shroud stream sniping

Although it’s against the rules of most games and of Twitch itself, Tommyinnit has admitted that when he was 14, back in 2017, he loved both PUBG and shroud, and would spend hours up late trying to get into his games.

And he was successful too – often matching up with him, and trying to save his life from actual enemies attacking him. Shroud eventually became familiar with Tommy’s name, and would say hello to him. In a video on his second channel, Tommyoutit, came clean about all of his stream sniping antics.

In one session, shroud even talked to Tommy about playing Minecraft, the game that he’s so well-known for now.

But, it turns out that Tommyinnit made this video because it wasn’t just years ago in PUBG that he was stream sniping shroud. When he recently saw shroud on a Minecraft server with proximity chat, he had to try it again for old times sake.

Unfortunately, shroud didn’t seem to be enjoying himself at all this time around, and soon after left the server – though not before killing Tommyinnit’s character, twice.

Although stream sniping is technically against the rules on Twitch, we’re sure the platform will let this one slide, as it was all in good fun. The real question is whether shroud has made the connection that one of his old stream snipers is now one of the biggest names on Twitch alongside him.