Dixie D’Amelio mocks trolls who say she “copied” Charli’s nose surgery - Dexerto

Dixie D’Amelio mocks trolls who say she “copied” Charli’s nose surgery

Published: 18/Sep/2020 18:56 Updated: 18/Sep/2020 19:57

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio shocked fans by showing off her unexpected nose surgery mid-July — and older sister Dixie D’Amelio followed suit two months later, prompting some critics to call her a copycat.

Although Charli showed off pics of the gruesome aftermath of her procedure right away, the star didn’t upload a behind-the-scenes video detailing the entire process until much later, revealing that she’d actually broken her nose due to some hijinks with her friends.

However, Charli wasn’t the only one being seen for corrective surgery; big sis Dixie also came along in what Charli dubbed “the nose saga of the D’Amelio sisters,” with both girls going to an initial appointment to “see if they could get their noses breathable.”

While Charli’s video on the subject came out a few weeks ago, it seems that Dixie’s surgery was scheduled much later than her little sister’s — and some TikTok critics are claiming that she copied her sibling.

“Charli: I broke my nose,” one commenter wrote under Dixie’s TikTok showing off her bandages. “Dixie: I think we all broke our noses.”

“Not another one pretending to be Charli,” another said.

Dixie isn’t putting up with any trolls, though, and quickly took to Twitter to hit back at critics accusing her of copying her little sis — as if that’s somehow possible.

“I would like to publicly apologize for fixing my nose,” she mocked. “I forgot it’s only one broken nose per family… I’m sorry for copying you @charlidamelio. Won’t happen again!”

“Y’all better keep the same energy when Charli gets her wisdom teeth out,” she continued, referencing the hilarious video that went viral of Dixie being totally disoriented after undergoing the laughing gas in May. “Istg.”

As if getting a septoplasty isn’t a super extreme way to copycat someone, it’s a totally different ball of wax to accuse one sister of “copying” her sibling — not to mention that Dixie explained she had waited to get the surgery due to wanting to play sports (and potentially film her new music video with Noah Beck).

For now, Dixie is recovering from her surgery at home, and she’s obviously too tired to deal with TikTok critics.


Mukbang YouTuber devastated as cheese fondue attempt ends in disaster

Published: 31/Oct/2020 11:37

by Georgina Smith


A mukbang YouTuber called Tasty Hoon is going hugely viral after his attempt at putting cheese in a fondue machine went hilariously wrong, leaving him and his viewers bewildered.

In recent years, the mukbang format has garnered insane popularity, spreading to just about every corner of the internet. The video style originated in Korea, the word mukbang (먹방) being a portmanteau of the Korean words for eat, and broadcast.

It involves the host of the video or stream eating an enormous amount of food on camera, often with a high-quality microphone to capture the raw eating sounds (a big part of the fun for some,) while interacting with their audience.

While the eating show format has spread globally, Korea is often revered as having the best mukbangs of them all, the ambitious amounts of food and varying cuisines proving to be hugely entertaining for the droves of people who love that style of content.

Tasty Hoon shows a close up of the kingcrab
YouTube: Tasty Hoon
Tasty Hoon has tried several delicious looking foods in his short time on YouTube.

Tasty Hoon is one such YouTuber who wanted to give the mouthwatering content a go, making his attempt at a cheese fondue machine paired with fried chicken. But the results weren’t quite as dreamy as he perhaps expected.

After pouring the delicious-looking melted cheese into the bottom of the fondue machine everything was looking to be going to plan, but the second he hit the on-button, it seemed to be struggling a bit with the rather thick cheese.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse when the center of the machine start to actually lift off from the device altogether, and globs of cheese started to spin around at frightening speeds. As parts of the machine started to fall off, the cheese did not stop spinning, until eventually every bit of the previously delicious looking stuff had been flung across the room.

Topic starts at 1:01

As Hoon finally turned the machine off, it wasn’t quite clear whether he was on the brink of laughter or tears – though understandably it was most likely both.

But not one to be beaten by a haywire fondue machine, he picked bits of the once airborne cheese off the table and began to eat it alongside his chicken. Just not in the way that he’d originally intended.

The clip went crazy on Twitter, with one tweet sharing the food disaster garnering a whopping 370,000 likes and 114,000 retweets.

In the comments, Hoon thanked everyone for enjoying the video and remarked that he was surprised to wake up and find he’d become a star overnight.

He also hinted that he’d give the cheese fountain another try soon, so no doubt people are anticipating what could be an equally hilarious sequel.