Disguised Toast reveals insane Twitch boost Pokimane, xQc & Mizkif gained over “hate raid” drama

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: OfflineTV Podcast / Instagram: xQcow1, pokimanelol, realmizkif

Twitch star Disguised Toast revealed the surprising boost several streamers received for discussing the hate raid drama between Pokimane and Jidion last month.

In January, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys became the victim of a hate raid orchestrated by fellow streamer Jidion.

Jidion had instructed his fans to spam “L+Ratio” into Pokimane’s chat, but the harassment went far beyond that; Anys claimed her fans were also being targeted with hateful speech, and that her direct messages were being filled with inappropriate comments.

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Since then, Jidion has apologized for the raid and has distanced himself from the situation after being permanently banned by Twitch due to the ordeal.

Pokimane talks on Twitch stream.Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane has been hitting back at harassment on social media after being met with a hate raid from streamer Jidion in January.

Surprisingly, several weeks later, Jidion uploaded a photo of himself with Pokimane, appearing to hint at an upcoming collaboration with the Twitch star.

Fellow Twitch streamer Disguised Toast discussed the feud between Pokimane and Jidion with YouTube’s Valkyrae on the OfflineTV Podcast, where he shared some surprising insights on the drama.

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Jidion announces surprise collab with Pokimane after hate raid dramaTwitter: Jidion
Jidion surprised the internet by announcing an apparent truce with Pokimane, nearly a month after his hate raid copped him a permanent ban on Twitch.

Disguised Toast says Pokimane hate raid drama resulted in big Twitch boost

Toast claimed that, in spite of all the damage the hate raid had caused, it actually boosted several streamers’ viewership a fair bit whenever they discussed the situation.

“Twitch channels covering it, everyone’s viewership — I was watching, like, when Pokimane was talking about it, she doubled her viewership from 20k to 50k,” he said.

“Mizkif went to 70k,” he continued. “xQc went to 120,000 viewers covering the event. I love it. I had the whole stream opened up in the living room and was just watching along. But when you’re in the drama, it kind of sucks.”

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Disguised Toast made it clear that the internet loves drama, and streamers giving their takes on the viral beef between Pokimane, Jidion, and Ninja made for a popcorn-worthy affair for many viewers.

It’s unclear what exactly will come of Pokimane’s upcoming collab with Jidion – but if Toast’s words are anything to go by, we can be sure the internet will be waiting with bated breath to watch as soon as it’s released.

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