Pokemon streamers bond over traumatic Shiny fails

Nathan Ellingsworth
A shiny Wimpod hatches from an Egg

Most people who have dipped their toes into the world of Pokemon may be aware of those fancy Shiny Pokemon, and just how rare they are. Naturally, while there are countless success stories of trainers catching them, there are also some pretty heartbreaking stories about the Shiny ‘mons that got away.

The emotional reflections were brought up by Pokemon content creator PM7John on X, with a post asking other Trainers “What is the worst shiny fail you’ve had that was caught on camera?” Then, they followed up with a video of them losing a Shiny Wimpod after the creature used the Wimp Out ability to flee.

Reacting to the author’s original post — and heartbreaking Shiny fail — were some comments both joking and offering commiseration. One said, “Absolute PAINNNN hahahaha” before another person added, “That’s rough.. but man do i miss sun and moon days.”

Other content creators quickly joined in with the prompt and added their sad stories of missed Shiny captures. Creator EternalRadiant also shared their own fail clip, as they soft reset Pokemon Ultra Sun despite a Shiny Raikou popping up after over 1633 resets. Presumably muscle memory was to blame.

Adding on to the misery was a clip from SBCoop, alongside the comment, “Literally talking about failing a shiny as I fail a shiny, you can’t make this up.” They showcase themselves decimating an unsuspecting Shiny Snom while talking candidly about potentially losing a Shiny. Poor Snom.

“Did you get distracted again?” asks a comment underneath the video, with SBcoop replying, “Idk if I’m ever paying attention.”

Some of the other most notable comments include a clip of a Shiny fail centered around Smoochum, with the comment, “Worst thing is having all boxes full.”

Then another comment explains, “I was just messing around with Synchro Mode…” and then shows a video of the player controlling Sandslash in Scarlet & Violet, before promptly hammering a Shiny Dodrio until it disappears.

While there is no guarantee they’ll stick around, if you want to encounter some Shiny Pokemon of your own, be sure to check out our guide to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny Sandwich recipes, and try and grab a few Goomy with the next Pokemon Go Community Day.

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