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Disguised Toast explains why he no longer wants his viewers to subscribe

Published: 7/Nov/2019 22:08 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 0:55

by Alan Bernal


Popular Twitch streamer and Offline TV crew member Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang surprised his audience November 7 by legitimately dissuading his viewers from subscribing to his channel.

Broadcasters typically rely on both donations and subscribers to grow their Twitch channels, but it seems like Toast is doing away with both of them. Fans will remember that the streamer turned off donations back in August, which in itself meant that a huge revenue stream was cut off.

But the successful Hearthstone players and content creator is now upping the ante by encouraging his faithful followers to simply enjoy his content without the pressure of putting money down.

DISGUISED TOAST TwitchThe streamer and YouTuber similarly disabled his donations, and now he wants viewers to quit subbing.

In a November 7 tweet, Toast announced the next part of his benevolent Twitch plan that involves his audience making other streamers happy with subs.

“After turning off donations on my stream, I’m going to ask all my viewers to not Subscribe and instead use that $5 and sub to a smaller streamer instead,” Disguised Toast said, noting that views to his stream is more than enough compensation as far as he’s concerned. “… Go make someone’s day with that sub!

Of course, there are portions of his loyal audience who won’t easily give in to the streamer’s request – especially since there are year-long+ sub streaks at risk for many of his viewers.

With that said, people will notice that the actual sub button on Toast’s stream will still be present and clickable. Although there’s nothing he can do about that, he instead wants to rely on taking money from “big companies” from here on out.

“I can’t turn off my sub button,” he said. “But I don’t need your money anymore… I’ve always said this, I love taking money from big companies like Blizzard, Twitch, YouTube and Riot, they got money. I’ll take money from them.”

Toast will continue that venture by participating in the $300,000 Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tournament.

He later said how it “doesn’t make sense for [viewers to give him their] money,” and that his success prompted the new direction for his stream.

“It’s not an odd flex thing,” Toast said. “It’s a math thing.”


Charli D’Amelio under fire for complaining about 95 million followers

Published: 17/Nov/2020 0:43 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 0:44

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio is known for having the most followers out of any other creator on the viral video app — but it seems that reaching less than 100 million in a year isn’t quite cutting it for the social media star.

2020 has certainly been a wildly successful year for miss D’Amelio; she surpassed longtime TikTok queen Loren Gray in March, becoming the platform’s most popular content creator in the process.

However, her winstreak wasn’t over, by far: Charli skyrocketed from 41 million followers to 99 million by November, marking an unprecedented rise to fame for just about any influencer.

Despite being on the precipice of a TikTok record, it seems that Charli was hoping to score the coveted 100 million follower mark within a year of hitting one million. However, it seems that time has passed on, leaving her craving for more time.


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She spoke about the situation during a YouTube video with makeup artist James Charles on November 16, where she appeared to jokingly complain about not reaching the coveted goal.

“I wish I had more time!” she exclaimed. “Imagine if I hit 100 mil a year after hitting a mil.”

“Was the 95 [million] not enough for you?” Charles joked.

“I was just saying like, even numbers,” Charli laughed, sticking out her tongue in the camera.

(Topic begins at 14:57)

Dixie D’Amelio attempted to quickly end the video as if on cue, with Charli following suit, marking for a humorous end to a discussion that not many viewers found all too funny.

“It’s so stuck up to act like 95 million isn’t enough,” one commenter wrote of the conversation. “She should be happy, she has her whole life set for her.”

“She deserves to be humbled, I can’t stand her,” another chimed in.

“It’s very obviously a joke on James’s part, but still, she’s more famous at 16-17 than most people will ever be in their lifetimes,” another added. “And being a famous teen can inflate your ego something fierce.”

Charles has since spoken out about the situation and clarified that his question was, indeed, just a joke — but in spite of the obvious humor, Charli’s privileged position and follower comments are leaving more than a few critics a bit burnt.