Disguised Toast reveals how he can now watch anime on Twitch without getting banned

Disguised Toast streamingDisguised Toast

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has unveiled that his master plan to stream anime on Twitch has now been successful, with the streamer landing himself a deal that enables him to avoid DMCAs and Twitch bans. 

On January 10, Twitch star Disguised Toast was banned from the streaming platform after receiving a DMCA strike for watching Death Note episodes. However, this ban was all orchestrated by Toast, who claimed to stage the entire thing by creating events that would get him banned to “scare other streamers.”

Fast forward to November 16, 2022, and Toast has now revealed that this move was all part of a much bigger plan. In fact, this move has led to the content creator landing a deal with Crunchyroll – the popular anime streaming platform. Because of this, Toast can now finally live out his dreams of legally streaming anime on Twitch. 

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Disguised Toast reveals how he can watch anime legally on Twitch

“I can’t believe it’s happening,” said Toast. “Getting paid to watch anime on the internet. This is what 13-year-old Toast dreamed of. He said ‘I wish I could spend my adult life playing video games, watching anime, and getting paid for it.’ And here we are.” 

The streamer explained how he convinced Crunchyroll to let him stream anime on Twitch legally by showing them that he had an audience. Toast revealed that the only way he could get Crunchyroll to see his value was through streaming anime on Twitch and proving his fans would watch such content.

“Because of you chat, because you all showed up for those anime streams one year ago, now Crunchyroll saw that. They were like ‘wow, there’s a lot of people watching this guy on Twitch watch anime, we should sponsor him.’ And of course, there were a lot of hiccups created along the way and a lot of drama was created…we knew there was light and the end of the tunnel.” 

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Well, it looks like Toast’s master plan has finally paid off and he can now legally watch anime on stream. So, expect to see the content creator stream Chainsawman and other popular anime very soon.