Disguised Toast officially ends the Among Us era with emotional message

Disguised Toast looking at Among Us players eliminating othersDisguised Toast/InnerSloth

Streaming star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang left an emotional message as he brought the Among Us era to an end after nearly a year of consistent videos. 

Among Us blew up with content creators in the back half of 2020, with hijinx ensuing every time a lobby of streamers and YouTubers got together. 

At the forefront of that wave was Disguised Toast, who was recognized by some as probably the best Among Us player around thanks to his 200 IQ plays and dastardly antics whenever he was in the role of the imposter. 

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He even joked that he was ‘the Among Us guy’ after being left out of a star-studded lobby including some of his pals, Jimmy Fallon, and the stars of Stranger Things. He recently stated that he’d be moving on from Among Us from a number of different reasons, but he’s now brought that chapter to a close. 

Among Us has been wildly popular with content creators.

With the calendar turning from April to May, some fans noticed that the Facebook Gaming star hadn’t uploaded one of his daily videos to YouTube. Toast finally addressed the absence on May 1.

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“You probably noticed. It’s the end of an era. After uploading Among Us videos EVERY single day for the past eight months, I have finally ran out of Among Us content and didn’t upload anything yesterday,” Toast posted.

“It’s been a life-changing journey – excited to see what’s next for me and my friends.”

In terms of what’s next, well, who knows. Toast’s group, which involves the likes of Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, Pokimane, and more, bounces from game to game quite regularly. 

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Recently, Sykkuno has been on a GTA RP hit, and Toast has joined him – though he is playing offline. Corpse wants to get involved too, so maybe that’s the play?

Either way, whatever game they decide to pick up next, fans will follow given just how entertaining they all are together.

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