Is Valkyrae moving to Las Vegas? YouTube star hints at big relocation

Is Valkyrae moving to Las VegasPexels: Cameron Rainey / YouTube: ValkyRae

Uber-popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae announced that she is moving house — and some fans are convinced that the star is making her new home in a different state.

Like many influencers and content creators, Valkyrae currently resides in sunny Southern California with her roommates Pokimane, xChocobars and Starsmitten, who are also streamers.

However, it seems that a few of Rae’s friends have been trying to convince her to move to Las Vegas — and she might have taken them up on their offer.

During a live stream with famed YouTubers Ryan Higa and Jacksepticeye, Rae admitted that she was sorely tempted to move out to Sin City after seeing how cheap real estate is in the area compared to Los Angeles.

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“It was very fun,” she said of her trip to Vegas. “After seeing Ryan’s place, I’m convinced I wanna buy a house there. I don’t know. I’m so stressed. …it’s crazy the difference between LA and Vegas.”

That’s not all; Higa may also have hinted that Rae is officially making the jump to Nevada, although no official info has yet been revealed by the 100 Thieves streamer herself.

“I think we made a strong case after Rae came here,” Higa jokingly announced during another stream. “I made a strong, compelling case, along with Chris, as well, and I think Rae is going to move to Vegas, guys. I think we did it!”

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As of April 29, Rae may have let the news slip herself after tweeting that she’s spending the next few days apartment hunting, claiming that her lease is up with her current roommates.

Stating that she’s “really stressed” out about the ordeal, there’s still no word on whether she’ll be making the jump to Nevada — but nevertheless, the speculation is out there.

That’s not all; just a day later, the streamer excitedly announced that she’d found the “perfect place” on her secondary Twitter account, although there’s still no word on if this particular home is in Las Vegas or not.

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However, as she’s part of 100 Thieves, this would put her far away from the org’s CashApp Compound — but considering the star has said that she’s even wanted to step away from streaming for good after being harassed by Dream and TommyInnit’s fanbases, there’s no telling what’s in store for Valkyrae in the future.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait to see if Valkyrae makes the jump or plays it safe.