Disguised Toast roasts Jimmy Fallon with some serious shade after Among Us snub

Disguised Toast and Among Us charactersDisguised Toast/InnerSloth

Popular streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang had some pretty funny shade for Jimmy Fallon after he was left out of the recent, massive Among Us stream. 

Just as Fortnite did a few years ago, Among Us has brought together some of the biggest names in gaming and pop culture. US Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used it as a way to get people energized to vote, teaming up with the likes of Pokimane and HasanAbi.

More recently, late-night talkshow host Jimmy Fallon held a session of games with Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, and members of the Stranger Things cast. 

The stream caused some issues seeing as Disguised Toast, who helped popularize Among Us and is a part of the Valkyrae and Corpse group, was left out. Toast has spoken about why he thinks he was left on the sidelines, but now he’s also dropped some pretty funny shade. 

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disguised toast breakFacebook
DisguisedToast switched from Twitch to Facebook in late 2019.

During his April 10 stream, the Offline TV member was unpacking some boxes and talking to chat when he found a small case that was making a noise and he moved it around.

After getting inside, he discovered that it was a keyboard keycap based on an Among Us character being eliminated. 

“It’s got a little bone coming out of the top, that’s pretty funny,” Toast said before he turned up the heat and dropped some jokes. “It’s because I play Among Us! I’m kind of known as the Among Us guy, just ask anyone… except Jimmy Fallon.”

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Toast’s viewers clearly enjoyed the shade as his on-screen chat filled up with laughs and emote spam as he carried on doing what he was doing. 

While the Among Us stream seemed a sore point at first, it seems as if Toast is over it and can just have a little fun with the situation. He’s already got the backing of Valkyrae as she said she’s inviting him to anything she can do moving forward, as Toast had some sage praise for her rise.