Will Corpse Husband join GTA RP? Sykkuno wants him on NoPixel

Connor Bennett

Corpse Husband has revealed that he’s considered diving into the world of GTA RP, and Sykunno has got a few words of wisdom after playing for a few weeks.

NoPixel’s 3.0 update has once again helped GTA RP pick up steam across YouTube and Twitch. There are plenty of full-time roleplayers involved, but other content creators are jumping in as well.

Sykkuno has become a key part of the criminal side of the NoPixel side as he can hack bank vaults with ease.

That’s led to many of his Among Us pals getting involved, including Valkyrae and even Disguised Toast, despite him saying he wouldn’t. Now, Corpse wants to join the fun and Sykkuno would welcome it.

GTA RP NoPixel server
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‘NoPixel is GTA RP’s premier roleplay server.

Is Corpse Husband joining GTA RP?

Corpse teased the possibility of him joining as the gang dabbled in a bit of Golf with Friends, asking if Toast had jumped on yet. “I kind of want to do that as well,” he said before asking for some help in getting set up.

Given how big he’s gotten in the world of NoPixel, fans quickly asked Sykkuno for more info, and whether or not they could expect to see him and Corpse pulling off crimes together soon.

“I think it could be fun,” Sykkuno said. “I think it could be fun guys, I will say, it’s a little overwhelming at first. It’s hard to learn all the controls and stuff like that, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty fun.”

Outside of having a huge array of controls to learn, the biggest hurdle to having fun in RP is finding people to work with. Once you’re in with a crew, then the fun can begin.

Sykkuno is pretty much a free spirit, working with other criminals in NoPixel, and if Corpse wanted to join him, he’d very likely give him the in. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.