Disguised Toast explains why he treats fans differently in person compared to on-stream

Eleni Thomas
Disguised toast in person

In a recent stream, Disguised Toast discussed with his viewers the difference between how he engages with his fans on a stream versus when meeting them in person.

Disguised Toast has built a reputation for dragging his viewers in during his streams. However, when meeting people in person Toast appears to have a very different approach. On a recent broadcast, Toast admitted that he’s been “trying to be nicer to [his] viewers” and the way he has been doing this is by trying to mimic how he would act when “meeting them in person.”

He added that this is because “in person, I’m an absolute delight, and I can’t imagine saying this to an actual fan in person.”

Like a fan comes up to me and says ‘hey Toast, today’s my birthday.’ Like on the internet I act tough like I don’t care, but in person, I’d be like oh my God, happy birthday, how old are you?”

Toast also pointed out that while he can’t see the faces of the people in chat, meeting his fans in real life usually entails chatting to a younger demographic of fans.


“When I meet viewers in real life they’re all super nice and sweet and sometimes they’re a little on the young side and I just imagine myself being mean to them. Cause when I’m mean to someone in chat I don’t see what you look like. You could be anything. You could be a middle-aged man, you could be a young school girl that’s watching her favorite Among Us streamer and I’m just f***ing insulting people, like making fun of them, telling them to like, eat sh*t.”

After this, Disguised Toast then seemed to come to the conclusion that he “should treat every viewer like they are a nice, innocent, good person.” However, he very quickly backflipped on that sentiment.

“Actually no, I would say the majority of Twitch viewers are a**holes, especially the ones that type when I’m playing a video game. Now that I think about it, anyone who backseats me when I’m playing games deserves to be flamed. I don’t care who they are. I don’t care if they’re Mother Teresa.”

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