Disguised Toast announces he’s taking a “break” from content creation

Julian Young
disguised toast break

Popular Facebook Gaming streamer and YouTuber Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang announced via Twitter that he will be taking a break from making content, although he will still be streaming to meet his obligations.

On January 3, Disguised Toast issued a tweet letting his followers know he is taking a break from streaming and creating YouTube videos. The internet personality noted he is returning to Canada to take care of his father.

Wang did clarify he would continue streaming in order to fulfill his contractual obligations with Facebook Gaming, but would otherwise be absent from that platform and his YouTube channel.

He ended the announcement by thanking his community for their understanding. The creator did not issue any additional tweets or other information regarding his absence.


The content creation community responded to his tweet in droves, offering their support and love to their fellow creator. As a massive internet personality and member of popular content creation group ‘Offline TV’, many other big names in the space offered warm thoughts after his announcement.

The replies to Wang’s announcement were filled with kind words from other streamers and YouTubers. Well-known creators from multiple platforms – like CouRage, Valkyrae, TimTheTatman, JackSepticEye, and bnans – all reached out to Wang after his tweet went live.

The outpouring of support comes as no surprise, as the creator has deep ties to the Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook communities. Starting off on YouTube as a Hearthstone creator, Wang grew his YouTube and Twitch followings to the tune of millions of subscribers and followers.

In November 2019 – as the so-called ‘Streamer Wars’ were in full-swing – Wang signed a deal with Facebook Gaming and was the platform’s first big-name acquisition, followed by others like Corinna Kopf and Tim ‘Darkness429’ Havlock.

Wang’s announcement came only a few hours after his latest video went live on his YouTube channel, and fans have already started posting messages of support. Comments like “Hoping the best for you and your family Toast” began to appear after Wang’s tweet went live.

Toast has provided no further information on his absence at the time of writing. Fans should keep their eyes on his social accounts and watch out for any streams where he might discuss his absence in more detail.

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