Destiny weighs in on Hasan’s $3 million house purchase controversy

Connor Bennett
Hasan and Destiny side-by-side on Twith
Twitch: Destiny/HasanAbi

Long-time Twitch streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonell has weighed in on the controversy around Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker’s recent house purchase, stating both sides have terrible takes. 

While it may have started out as a hobby for some to-level gamers, Twitch has become a viable career path for plenty of content creators. At the very top, some streamers are making millions a year and can afford a lavish purchase or two.

However, popular political commentator Hasan found himself in hot water with some viewers after if it was revealed that he’d purchased a $3 million home in Los Angeles.

The former Young Turks member has faced criticism from some who saw the purchase as hypocritical given that he identifies as a socialist. While others simply pointed out that it’s money, so he gets to make the decisions.

Hasan hits back at Twitch outrage over him buying $2.74m Hollywood home
Rodeo Realty
Hasan’s new house is a luxurious mansion.

Plenty of streamers have given their take on the outrage, with many hitting out at some of the comments Hasan received for buying his home – which he, himself, has fired back at. Many viewers have been waiting for a take from his long-time rival, Destiny, after a little while he’s finally chimed in.

“If he wants to buy a big ass house, let him buy a big ass house, let him do it, that’s fine,” Destiny started. “But, I think it’s a little funny when a guy spends his whole life sh**ting on somebody like (Jeff) Bezos and signs an exclusive contract with Bezos so he can make millions of dollars to go a buy a mansion. That’s funny to me.”

Bonell noted that he wasn’t sure if there was even a discussion to be had about it, but there are so many “bad arguments” from all sides that can easily fall apart and make a mockery of the whole situation, but ultimately he “doesn’t care” that much.

Given the pair have butted heads on numerous occasions before, and things have gotten fractious between them, it wasn’t quite the fiery take that some may have expected.

Regardless, while the initial outrage seems to have passed, Hasan is so in the spotlight because of his success on Twitch that the criticism will never stop, even if it is, as Destiny says, a “dogs**t argument” about things.