Destiny hits back at backlash after “racist” IShowSpeed comments surface

Destiny during a live streamDestiny

Destiny has hit back at the backlash he’s received after comments he made on stream about “black zoomer streamers” while namedropping IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat.

A clip of IShowSpeed from his World Cup stream surfaced on December 6, which garnered backlash from people on Twitter claiming his comments were racist. A Chinese fan approached him on stream and he replied screaming Japanese at them.

YouTube streamer Destiny reacted to the clip during his stream later that day. He said: “Is this the Kai Cenat guy? Oh, this is the Speed guy. Ok. There’s like this whole new legion of like, black zoomer streamers.

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“For as much as they talk about how all white people did was scream at the camera, I feel like that’s all these guys do. I don’t know if they have more content, but holy sh*t.”

Kai Cenat responded to Destiny’s comments, claiming that he is “clearly a racist,” prompting the creator to hit back during his next stream.

Destiny hits back at backlash over “racist” comment

On December 8, Destiny responded to the backlash on stream, explaining that he’s “bored of the race card sh*t.

“The w/l community playing the race card all the time, like, I get it, you’re black and that’s tragic I guess but I don’t care that much. It’s boring as f*ck to me,” he explained.

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“Some of these exploding black online communities have been some of the most homophobic places I’ve been to. I feel like I’m back in white communities from 2012.”

“For me to jump in here and be like ‘You’re racist,’ it feels so beneath me to even jump into that sh*t. I just super don’t give a f*ck.”

At the time of writing, nobody has responded to Destiny’s latest comments — but we’ll be sure to update if they do.