Deji responds to KSI’s allegations with cryptic Tweet

Virginia Glaze
Deji, KSI - YouTube

Popular YouTubers Deji and Olajide William ‘KSI’ Olatunji are in the midst of a bitter family feud, after Deji leaked KSI’s bank records during a diss track. Now, KSI has accused Deji of egging on their argument for the sake of views – but Deji says otherwise.

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KSI called out Deji in a serious Tweet on December 27, claiming that he was “manipulating the audience” to gain views and  disputing his claim that their spat had been resolved as stated during one of his videos.

“Fam… You’re being fake to manipulate the audience to stop yourself from losing subs,” KSI wrote. “…I asked you to delete the videos attacking me and not to make any more mentioning me, but you still continue to ignore me.”

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Deji may have responded to KSI’s claims with a vague Tweet, which he posted the very next day.

“People will rate you, hate you and try to break you, but how you stand is what makes you,” Deji wrote.[ad name=”article3″]

This isn’t the first time Deji has denounced any claims of “manipulating” his audience, either; Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem speculated that Deji could be trying to draw out their spat for the sake of views, going on to note that Deji had been steadily losing subscribers beforehand.

While Deji denied any such ploy, it was later discovered that he was using popular YouTuber David Dobrik’s tags in his videos concerning KSI, allegedly breaching YouTube’s terms of service in the process.