Deji exposed for using popular YouTuber David Dobrik's tags in fight with KSI - Dexerto

Deji exposed for using popular YouTuber David Dobrik’s tags in fight with KSI

Published: 13/Dec/2018 0:56

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Deji Olatunji is in a bitter feud with his older brother KSI, which some have claimed that Deji is drawing out for the sake of views and subscribers. Now, even more details have been exposed concerning Deji’s alleged tactics – with his recent videos being linked to those of popular vlogger David Dobrik.

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YouTuber Pierce ‘Kavos’ Kavanagh did some digging through Deji’s recent uploads during an episode of ‘Who or What’s Happening Online’ on December 9.

Thanks to his research, Kavos discovered that Deji has been using the tags of popular YouTuber David Dobrik in his own videos, starting from November 21.


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According to Kavos, Deji had gone so far as to copy and paste the tags into his video description in his videos concerning his feud with KSI, which he speculated may have been an attempt to boost his viewership, as his channel had been losing subscribers daily before the beef with his brother began.

“This really does not help your case, Deji,” Kavos stated. “Where people are saying, ‘You did all this for views.’”

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Additionally, Kavos claimed that Deji had broken YouTube’s terms of service in using Dobrik’s tags, citing the site’s “misleading metadata” clause as proof of the accusation.


While Deji has yet to respond to Kavos’ findings, he vehemently denied rumors claiming that he backstabbed KSI to boost his subscriber count in a video on December 8, likewise claiming that his brother’s public attempts to make peace weren’t “genuine.”