Every Love Island Season 7 star on TikTok: Aaron, Lucinda, more

Love Island TikTokInstagram: Millie Court, Toby Aromolaran

You might have found their Instagram but did you know what stars from the current season of Love Island are also on TikTok? Here’s a full run-down of everyone’s TikTok accounts from Season 7 so far.

Love Island, the iconic British dating show that puts a group of young, attractive people into a villa, is back. Over the course of the show, the contestants face various challenges and are encouraged to couple up. Viewers are able to vote on which couples should be sent home and who are the ultimate winners.

We’re well into Season 7 of the hit show and as the competition tightens, people naturally want to see what people are up to on social media. Who’s posting gossip from behind the scenes? Who’s still friends with who? Want to keep up with everything that’s happening to your favorite couple?

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It turns out that a number of the show’s stars are not just making a name for themselves on Instagram, but also on TikTok. Here’s a run down of their accounts if you want to keep up with them.

Aaron FrancisInstagram: Love Island
Aaron has significantly increased his following in recent days overtaking Toby for the top spot

Aaron Francis – @aaronfranciis

Francis is leading the way with over 170,000 followers despite already having left the villa. His videos have touched subjects such as his acne, time on Love Island, and isolation experiences

Toby Aromolaran – @tobyaromolaran.

Toby holds the number two spot with more than 150,000+ followers. He has only posted two videos so far – one wondering how he’s going to sneak his dog onto the island.

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Lucinda Strafford – @lucindastrafford4

Close behind is the number one girl on the list (for now). Dumped on the same day as Francis, Lucinda has seemingly gained her following in less than 24 hours with her first video getting over 2 million views (check at time of pub). Her follower count is currently over 140,000.

Love IslandInstagram: Love Island
Contestants are encouraged to find matches over the course of the show to ensure they stay in the competition.

Lillie Haynes – @lillie.haynes

Lillie had a significant following before Love Island and now stands at over 47,000 followers. Her videos have capitalized on trends such as the silhouette challenge as well as giving beauty tips.

Salma Naran – @salma.naranx

Salma has been posting on TikTok since September 2019. Since leaving the villa on Day 32, Naran has posted several TikToks about their experiences on the show. Previously she’d posted about her life and makeup routines.

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Hugo Hammond – @hugo_hammond

Hugo hasn’t posted many videos on his TikTok (a total of three) but that hasn’t stopped him from amassing 17,900 followers already. His first video is one of him singing a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ while the other two feature clips from the show.

Kaz Kamwi – @kazkamwi

Next we have Kaz. Still in the competition (for now), Kaz is very active on TikTok having posted over 90 videos. This has included funny duets eating candy and outfit changes. Kamwi is regularly sponsored by Primark in her videos.

Millie Love IslandInstagram: Love Island
Millie joined the villa on Day 9.

Millie Court – @milliegracecourt

Millie Court is yet to post anything related to Love Island on TikTok but she has been active in the past. Posting videos about her dog and life with friends, it will be interesting to see if Court posts about her experiences in the villa once she’s out. Right now, Millie has just over 15,000 followers.

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Sharon Gaffka – @sharonngaffka

Gaffka has a small presence on TikTik with only four videos promoting Love Island. However, she’s still managed to build a following of 12,600 despite posting no original videos so far. Eliminated on Day 19, we will have to see whether Sharon will be offering her thoughts about the show on TikTok anytime soon.

Mary Bedford – @marybedford

While she has only posted four videos, Bedford has created quite the following already with her biggest video reaching more than 400,000 views. Joining the competition on Day 29, we can’t wait to see what Mary has to say when she gets out.

Love IslandInstagram: Love Island
The initial announcement cast of 11. More people joined the villa bringing the total number of contestants up to 34.

Who else from Love Island Season 7 is on TikTok?

There are a total of 26 contestants on Love Island with TikTok accounts linked to them (that we know of so far). The eight who don’t have an account yet are Amy Day, Dale Mehmet, Liam Reardon, Sam Jackson, Harry Young, Andrea-Jane “AJ” Bunker, Brad McClelland, and Oliver “Chuggs” Wallis.

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With Reardon and Mehmet still in the final fourteen of the competition, it might be w0rth watching this space. Some smaller accounts were linked to the following contestants. Check out the links below:

We’ll keep this article updated as more join the app, and start posting content to grow their following.