David Dobrik’s Dispo app review-bombed following sexual assault allegations

David Dobrik in front of an orange wallInstagram: davidsdisposable

People have been review-bombing David Dobrik’s photo app ‘Dispo’ over sexual assault allegations made against him regarding a prank he played on a friend for a YouTube video, though some believe that the negative reviews are being deleted.

David Dobrik is one of social media’s biggest creators, finding fame on the 6-second video app Vine, and then later drumming up even more support on YouTube where he now has over 18 million subscribers.

He has embarked on several business ventures including a QR code puzzle, and recently launched his disposable camera-style photo app, Dispo, which allows people to take photos with a retro feel.

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David Dobrik with disposable cameraDavid Dobrik
Dispo allows users to take photos with a retro feel.

However, allegations were recently made against the YouTuber by Seth Francois who accused David of pressuring him into making non-consensual content, particularly regarding a prank video in which Seth was tricked into kissing Jason Nash.

David’s friend and fellow content creator Scotty Sire made a video in which he told Seth that: “the magnitude of the lies you’ve been spreading are unforgivable, and you should face repercussions.”

He also included a clip from Dobrik himself, who showed texts from Seth saying “I’m down for another kissing sketch,” among other things.

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Dispo gets review-bombed

But many fans are requesting that David address the allegations in full directly, and in screenshots posted by commentary YouTuber Def Noodles, it shows people flocking to the review section of Dispo on the app store and leaving comments regarding the allegations.

“Take accountability for what you did to Seth, Trisha, and Big Nick, and more people are coming out,” one commenter wrote, “you’re a terrible person.”

Another person claimed: “David (and his ‘vlog squad’) has serious sexual assault allegations (with proof) against the, and they are actively censoring comments about it, probably because of this app launch. Please do not support this app, or David and the vlog squad.”

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However, some have noticed that many of these negative reviews specifically regarding the allegations are no longer appearing on the app store. “It shows me there are only a few reviews at 4 stars, did they just delete them all lol,” one person wrote.

Whether David will end up addressing the claims any further is unclear, but many people say they still want a full explanation from the YouTuber.

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