David Dobrik under fire after literally setting assistant’s hair on fire

Eleni Thomas
David Dobrik hair fire header image

In a recent Snapchat video, David Dobrik can be seen throwing fire onto assistant Natalie Marideuna, her hair even catching on fire briefly during the video.

David Dobrik is facing controversy yet again after one of his latest Snapchat stories included him throwing actual fire at others. Def Noodles posted Dobrik’s video on both Twitter and Instagram, captioning the upload “David being David.”

In the video, Dobrik could be heard speaking behind the camera. In the video, Marideuna and another person began jokingly acting out a scene from Harry Potter.


At the end of the reenactment, Dobrik whipped out a wand and shouted “Incendio”, the name of the fire-casting spell in the Harry Potter universe. Dobrik then proceeded to seemingly throw an inflamed item at the other participants.

At a first glance, it appeared as though the flame had simply bounced off of Marideuna and almost immediately gone out. However, eagle-eyed viewers slowed the video down and screenshotted the moment when Marideuna’s hair caught on fire for a brief moment.


Online response from viewers has been that of disappointment but not of surprise. In 2022, Dobrik still has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. He was once one of the biggest social media influencers and found fame through his early videos on Vine and then later his YouTube content.

However, after being the center of a range of harassment and sexual assault allegations in 2021, he has become increasingly less active on social media. Dobrik has almost found himself in the middle of lawsuit charges and NFT controversies. Just recently, he appeared on the Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED podcast and spoke about how he was almost not allowed to enter Europe as a result of issues with his Visa.

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