David Dobrik’s Summer Europe trip was almost canceled due to visa issues

Instagram: David Dobrik

Internet personality David Dobrik was almost not allowed to go on his recent summer trip to Europe due to a nearly expired and “beat” up passport. This news comes from the most recent episode of the Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED podcast.

 On the latest episode of Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED, the crew spent the hour-long chat going in-depth about what they described as their “chaotic summer vacation.”

The video was hosted by influencers and social media personalities Heath Hussar, Zane Hijazi, Mariah Amato, and Matt King. Hussar, Hijazi, and Amato all joined Dobrik on said trip, however, King was not able to attend.

In Europe, the group traveled across countries, with lots of social media photos and vlogging videos published recounting the trip. But things almost went wrong before they even got off the ground.


Early on in the podcast, Heath, Zane, and Mariah revealed that their friend and influencer David Dobrik was almost stopped from boarding the group’s initial Paris flight.

Zane began the conversation by saying that when it comes to any of their group trips the problems “always start at the airport for us.”

They then discussed that the reasoning for the mishap was that Dobrik’s passport wasn’t up to scratch on multiple fronts.

“Something happened with his Visa,” Heath revealed as he began to recount their experience at the airport. “So apparently it’s about to expire but he can’t get a new one cause he has to get it in Slovakia.”

Heath then went on to say that in addition to the passport almost being expired, it also was not in the best condition.

“It’s his only form of ID so he keeps it in his pocket at all times and it went through the washing machine three times so pages are ripped out, it is beat. So they’re looking at it and they’re like we can’t accept this.”

His friends discussed on the video how relaxed he was about the whole ordeal despite it being a highly stressful situation. Mariah says how he is the calmest person because he knows it’s gonna work out in the end.

David Dobrik posing outside California home by poolInstagram: daviddobrik
David Dobrik is one of the most well known content creators in the world.

Dobrik was once one of the biggest social media influencers and found fame through his early videos on Vine and then later his YouTube content.

He currently has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. After being the center of a range of harassment and sexual assault allegations in 2021, Dobrik has been less active on social media.