Internet has no sympathy for influencer losing job because of OnlyFans content

influencer was fired because of her onlyfans pageInstagram: worldstar

After being fired from her tech job for her OnlyFans content, Renea Erica took to the streets to promote herself and expose her former boss, but the internet could care less about her situation.

Renae Erica was fired from her tech job after her boss found her explicit content on Instagram. 

She also has her OnlyFans page linked to her IG, so her boss may have seen more than he anticipated.

Since being fired, Renae has taken to the streets to promote her IG and expose her former boss for his scrutiny.

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Though she’s trying to make a living for herself, the internet has no sympathy for why she lost her job.

Influencer calls boss “creepy” for looking at her socials 

Renae Erica worked for a tech company for over two years before her boss found her IG and OnlyFans page where she posts risqué content.

After being fired, Renae first took to the internet to ask if it was even legal to fire someone for posting explicit content, saying, “Just got fired after my boss found my Instagram. Is this even legal?”

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She then took to the city streets to hold a sign that read, “Just got fired. Creepy boss found my socials.” She then added her IG handle and the text “link in bio” to promote her OnlyFans page.

Those who have seen Renae’s response to being fired haven’t been so easy on her, as most people agree with her boss, saying, “How the f*ck would a boss be creepy when you literally have the link in your Instagram. This is the stupidest advertisement I’ve seen.”

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As well as, “If you represent a professional company, then yes, they’re right to fire you. That’s why your dumb*ss should have used a professional account.”

One person even joked about Renae’s IG being set to private despite leaving little to the imagination in her photos and on her OF, saying, “Her account is on private but privates on public.”

Though Renea did get fired from her everyday job, she does still have an OF, which is free for 18+. However, she likely gets tipped by those who view her content.

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