Cat obsessed with Aldi sparks massive debate after cute video goes viral

Aldi storeWikimedia Commons

A cat has gone viral on Instagram for his love of Aldi, with their owner forced to put up “Not missing signs.”

The Instagram video begins, “Every day at an Aldi’s car park, Benji gets reported missing.” To the chagrin of his owner, they announced, “He just keeps going to Aldi.”

This has resulted in them having to create laminated signs, with a photograph of Benji saying “I’m not lost.”

“I’ve got my number on his tag,” they start, “(So) people will ring us 20 – 30 times a day.”

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This meant that the owner had to change Benji’s tag to avoid the incessant calls. It now reads “Do not feed me, I have allergies. If I am in Aldi, I am fine.”

The owner shared another fun fact about Benji – he uses the restroom just like a human being. Apparently, when the woman was potty training her son, the cat started copying the process. 

People debate ‘Aldi cat’

The video, which went viral on Instagram, unsurprisingly accumulated a whole bunch of comments. In fact, a rather large debate was instigated over the life of this now famous Aldi cat.

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One said “How about this. Don’t let your cats wander outdoors, it’s irresponsible.”

The most liked comment on the post thought otherwise, however, as they proclaimed: “It’s crazy to think that so many people have issues with cats going outside. It’s so weird to keep a cat inside unless you absolutely have to. They’re outdoor animals.”

The indoor vs outdoor cat debate rages on, as some argue that cats should be free to roam, while others argue it is cruel both for the cats, who will have a shorter lifespan outdoors, as well as to wildlife that outdoor cats will target.

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Experts at International Cat Care explain, “In all cases, the decision should be made in relation to the individual cat and their own preferences, as well as the type of environment they will be exposed to if allowed to roam.”

Another took issue with Benji using the toilet, stating “Please don’t encourage cats to do a number two in the loo, there are parasites and germs that our water system will not be able to remove, so they will go straight into the mains supply.”

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Another tried to negotiate the debate surrounding the video, saying “I really dislike social media sometimes. Cute cat video hijacked today by lectures about keeping cats inside, and bizarrely, tap water is now dangerous.”

One thing everyone can agree on is that Benji is one cute cat.

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