David Dobrik responds to Charlotte D’Alessio dating rumors after perfume ad

Georgina Smith
David Dobrik and Charlotte D'Alessio star in perfume ad

Update (October 6 – 11:30 PM PT): While the rumor mill was set ablaze thanks to David Dobrik’s new perfume advert, he has since shut down rumors about his potential relationship with model Charlotte D’Alessio. 

“We made this video for this perfume, it was basically like we were going on a date,” he said in an October 5 interview with Access. At the time of recording, there was nothing intimate about their working relationship at all, according to Dobrik. “I called Charlotte and said is this real, are we in a relationship? He joked upon seeing the rumors.

“No we’re not dating. I’m still single.” The original story can be found below.

Hugely popular YouTuber David Dobrik has got fans in a frenzy after he released an advert for his new perfume starring model Charlotte D’Alessio, and now many are speculating that they could be in a relationship.

David Dobrik is a social media giant, with an enormous subscriber base of 26 million on his main and second channel combined, and over 22 million followers on TikTok. While his viral Vine content secured him his popularity, he is now known primarily for his vlogging.

While some keen fans had a theory that David and his assistant Natalie might have had a secret romance away from the public eye, that rumor was put to rest when in September Natalie confirmed that she was actually dating Vlog Squad member Todd Smith.


But now a new rumor has emerged, after David released a video on October 2 for his new perfume, simply named ‘David’s Perfume.’

The video sees him and 22-year-old model Charlotte D’Alessio run across fields, spray whipped cream in each other’s mouths, and splash around in the ocean together.

The flirty video made viewers’ jaws drop, and they quickly posted a barrage of comments about their unexpected new-found crush.

One fan said they “never would have guessed that a David Dobrik perfume commercial would make me feel the way it did,” and said they watched it four times. Another said that “never in my life have I thought that david dobrik was attractive until that perfume ad.”


And with the insane chemistry between David and Charlotte, it was only natural that people started to question whether it was all an act, or if there was something more to the pair’s relationship than just co-stars.

“So did David Dobrik just do a girlfriend reveal or was the ad for his new perfume just REALLYYYYY good acting?” one fan wondered.

Another commented on the pair’s effortless rapport by saying “you can’t tell me that commercial with David Dobrik and Charlotte D’Alessio wasn’t the most natural thing you’ve ever seen, that was ridiculously cute.”

With the video at 2 million views and 200,000 likes within 18 hours of being posted, fans will be interested to see whether their electric chemistry progresses any further.