David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie confirms she’s dating Todd

todd natalieInstagram: Todd Smith / Instagram: Natalie Mariduena

YouTube Star David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie Mariduena and Vlog Squad member Todd Smith have long been at the center of a speculated romance in the eyes of fans — now the rumors have finally been confirmed. 

Natalie officially confirmed that she and Todd Smith are dating in an episode of Dobrik’s Views podcast.

Back in February, the ex-boyfriend of Corinna Kopf, Todd Smith, was shown to have some underlying feelings for Natalie, after they all came out in a series of drunk texts one night

Naturally, Dobrik put a screenshot of the texts on a huge Los Angeles billboard on Melrose Avenue, right next to an image of Todd’s face. 

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natalie toddInstagram: Natalie Mariduena
In August, an Instagram post of the pair fuelled rumors of a blossoming romance.

Reading out the texts, David and his friends laugh at messages asking if he can stay with her, telling her “you break my heart,” and finally announcing that he is “falling out of love” with her. 

In August, an Instagram photo posted by Natalie fuelled the rumors of a blossoming relationship, showing the pair cuddling up on the beach during what seems to be an impromptu beach date.

Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR even reached out to Dobrik to confirm the potential relationship — but, the YouTube sensation was also in the dark.

“I have no f**king clue hahaha,” Dobrik said of the issue in a reply to KEEMSTAR’s questioning. “I wish I knew, myself.”

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But in an episode of Dobrik’s Views podcast, Natalie directly confirmed that they’re together. David began by telling the story of how he found out. 

He said, “We were on a shoot, this was like two months ago, and someone goes ‘yeah I’m just talking to Natalie about her boyfriend.’ And I go ‘what?’ I go ‘it’s her boyfriend? so todd’s her boyfriend?’ and this woman is like ‘whoa wait you don’t know that she has a boyfriend don’t you spend every day together?’ and I was like no she just never told us that.” 

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He added, “Okay so it’s official you guys are dating?” at which point Natalie responded with a firm yes. Putting to rest any fans’ hopes that she and David Dobrik himself had a mysterious romance behind closed doors.