ZHC surprises Charli D’Amelio & Addison Rae with custom iPad and MacBook

YouTube: ZHC / Instagram: charlidamelio

Popular YouTube artist ZHC has made a habit of surprising top internet personalities with custom gifts such as cars and designer accessories, and now he’s gifted custom iPad Pros and MacBooks to TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae and the rest of the Hype House.

In the past, we’ve seen ZHC, real name Zachary Hsieh, create custom Balenciaga clothing and accessories for James Charles and a custom iPhone for MrBeast.

ZHC picks out styles or themes that he knows the creator loves and creates designs for them, and it seems he’s hit the nail on the head once again when customizing these iPad Pros and MacBooks for TikTok’s biggest stars.

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Instagram: zhcomicart
Hsien has become known for his incredible custom designs on expensive products.

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For Addison Rae, ZHC uses a fruity theme with split watermelons, coconuts and pineapples that match the purse he designed for her back in March.

She’s clearly delighted with the design, which also features a unique pink background behind the fruit, squealing and looking absolutely delighted with her new gift.

Charli D’Amelio and sister Dixie also opened up their custom designs together, with matching dragon-themed art – red for Dixie and pink for Charli. They describe the designs as “crazy,” adding that “the details are actually insane” thanks to little bits such as the donut sprinkles spread across Charli’s pink dragon.

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As well as Charli, Dixie and Addison, ZHC also gave Chase ‘lilhuddy’ Hudson a more gothic-looking design with chains, dragons and skulls, and Avani an iPad with different types of creatures adorning the edges.

It seems ZHC’s creativity knows no limits, and he continues to surprise top internet personalities with his unique designs.

They’re all clearly in awe of his work, and let’s be honest, I think we’d all like a friend who gifts us free iPads and MacBooks, too.