Perez Hilton explains why he’s banned from Facebook

Perez Hilton banned from FacebookYouTube: Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton has announced in a live stream on YouTube that he has been banned on Facebook, and that he will subsequently take a break from social media.

The tabloid journalist has been covering the escapades of celebrities on his self-titled blog site since 2004. While his site is still live – and, according to the ‘About’ section of the blog, amassing over 300 million views a month – Hilton has moved his reporting to social media platforms in recent years.

However, his intense criticism has come back to bite him and he was permanently banned from TikTok where he had gained 1.6 million followers.

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In a nine-part video series posted to his second TikTok account, Hilton called upon internet royalty Charli D’Amelio for help in getting his account reinstated.

Perez was banned from TikTok Twitter: Perez Hilton
Perez was recently banned from TikTok permanently

Hilton alleged that a TikTok representative informed him that he had violated “multiple community guidelines” through posting nudity and bullying other members of the app. He’d had public spats with some well-known names on TikTok including Claudia Conway and Charli D’Amelio herself.

Now, according to another long video uploaded to YouTube on December 17, he claims Facebook has also banned him from commenting and posting after he posted a link to an article from his website about a popular adult entertainment website.

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Like he did with TikTok, Hilton claimed the ban was unwarranted, saying, “You cannot talk about mature things on social media anymore, the censorship is out of control.”

He also added that “Facebook didn’t even give me the opportunity to appeal their decision. They didn’t give me a way to reach out to them and say you made this decision in error.”

“You should be allowed to call out people for bad behavior,” he said, “and that is not bullying.”

While the ban is just 24 hours, he has said this means he’ll be starting a “social media detox” for a few days because “The universe keeps telling me to take it.” Hilton’s Twitter and YouTube accounts remain untouched by potential bans.

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