David Dobrik fan breaks down after he gifts her $25,000

Jacob Hale

David Dobrik has become known for his charitable donations to friends, family and even random people off the streets – but one fan’s life was changed when he gave her $25,000 to get through a difficult time of her life.

Although Dobrik is known for giving his friends cars – approximately 15 or 16 across 18 months through 2019 – he has also been generous with his cash, giving money away to people for completing funny tasks or, in this case, simply because they could do with it.

Meeting with a fan, Kevin, he finds out that “the girl of Kevin’s dreams” is having a tough time working multiple jobs to get through school and look after her child – so they decide to surprise her.

David is no stranger to helping those he feels could do with it.

Though Kevin originally just wanted to surprise Melissa with Dobrik’s presence, David obviously had other ideas after hearing her story, especially connecting with both of them on a deeper level as DACA recipients.

As they sat in the car, he told her story to the viewer, and finally went “Wow, I wish I had something to give you. I’ll give you everything in my pocket.”

After pulling out a few bills and offering her $25, he stops and says “Oh, wait, hold on. Oh, and a check for $25,000,” pulling out the check and handing it to her.

At first, Melissa and Kevin both repeatedly say “no,” but through a stream of tears of happiness, Melissa finally accepts the gift.

After calming down a bit, Melissa explains that every day she would sit down with her child to eat and they would watch Dobrik’s vlogs together, saying that “nothing can make me laugh as much as you do” to the beaming YouTuber.

Despite hanging out with some of the biggest celebrities in the world now, such as Justin Bieber and Nicole Scherzinger, Dobrik clearly hasn’t forgotten his roots and continues to prove why he’s one of the fastest-growing entertainers on YouTube.

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