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David Dobrik pulled over by police for bizarre reason

Published: 11/Feb/2020 11:13 Updated: 11/Feb/2020 11:16

by Jacob Hale


In his February 10 vlog, David Dobrik and his friends got pulled over for one of the strangest reasons you could imagine while driving through LA in his Tesla.

The action-packed video saw Dobrik surprise Natalie with a puppy, as well as amplify the rumors of her and Todd Smith dating after the recent incident which saw him place screenshots of their messages on a massive billboard.

However, at the end of the vlog, things really take a turn when David gets pulled over and he and his cohorts are clearly nervous about it, unsure of why exactly they were being stopped by police.

Instagram: justinbieber
David has risen to celebrity status thanks to his vlog content.

The footage starts with friend Heath Hussar standing in the back of the Tesla with his head out of the sunroof, losing his hat in the process. Not long after, you see the red and blue lights of the police and they pull the car over, Dobrik telling his friend that he “sucks” in the process.

The officer addresses “the guy standing up sticking their head out while driving,” which Heath owns up to while friend Zane Hijazi laughs and makes jokes in the passenger seat. David obviously doesn’t find it funny and frequently asks him to stop, nervous about the encounter.

When the officer comes back from his car, he tells Heath that he’s got to get out of the car and walk, and they seem happy to part ways to please the cop before reuniting later on.

After it’s all dealt with, Dobrik says that as soon as the police officer turned up, Zane was repeatedly telling him that David is illegally in the country, obviously an allusion to his Slovakian upbringing.

Though they laugh about it, David was clearly in disbelief at Zane’s confidence in telling the cop to “check his papers,” laughing while he retells the story.

Everyone involved got off without any major issues, and the group even reconvened with Heath, who had gone back and found his hat, to continue their activities elsewhere.

Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect calls out Activision & Warzone tourney admins for hacker drama

Published: 23/Jan/2021 0:41

by Theo Salaun


Following scandal over a disqualified cheater in a Warzone tournament, Dr Disrespect is calling out Activision’s lack of an anti-cheat and Twitch Rivals’ lack of a formal process for investigating hacks.

In hours of drama that rocked the competitive Call of Duty: Warzone community, a smaller streamer, ‘Metzy_B,’ was accused of cheating during the $250K Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl tournament. Prior to the final match of the event, his team was disqualified by tournament admins and stripped of any chance at tournament earnings.

Twitch Rivals have remained relatively quiet on the issue, practically ignoring it during the broadcast and offering up a minimally worded explanation over Twitter. In their explanation, the admins simply explained that Metzy “was ruled to be cheating” and subsequently “removed from the event.”

With that lack of transparency, rumors and accusations flew. Former Call of Duty League pro, one of the highest Warzone earners currently, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren spent hours interrogating the accused and having a friend take control of Metzy’s PC to dive through his logs for any proof of hacks. This all leads to Dr Disrespect asserting that, with or without an Activision anti-cheat, tournament organizers need to do better.

As shared by ‘WickedGoodGames,’ the Two-Time has a clear perspective on this issue. If the developers can’t institute an effective anti-cheat, then every single tournament must “define a process in finding out if he is [cheating] or not … obviously outside of the whole Call of Duty not having an anti-cheat kind of software built in.”

The drama was obviously divisive, as most participants in the tournament believed Metzy (and others) to be cheating, while others weren’t so sure. With no one knowing precisely how Twitch handled the situation, the community was left to investigate themselves.

As Dr Disrespect has heard, the “purple snakes” disqualified Metzy based on “a couple suspicious clips” and without asking to check his computer. This is echoed by the accused himself, who has since commended Tommey for trying to figure out what the admins had failed to.

That account goes directly against others, as fellow competitor BobbyPoff reacted by alleging that Metzy was, in fact, originally reluctant to display his task manager logs.

While the truth may be impossible to find at this point, as Twitch Rivals have given no explanation of their process and any number of files could have been deleted by the time Tommey got access, Dr Disrespect’s point is proven by the drama.

If Activision can’t deliver a functioning anti-cheat and tournament organizers don’t have a strict, transparent policy for hackers — then community infighting over a “grey area” is unavoidable.