Dafran teases “family friendly” Twitch stream following suspension

Michael Gwilliam
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Former Overwatch pro and full-time streamer Daniel “dafran” Francesca has hinted at reforming his Twitch channel to be “family friendly” when his suspension concludes.

The highly popular Overwatch DPS star was hit with a 30-day suspension on November 13. The streamer alleged that the suspension was due to his “ignorance” and saying “stupid sh*t all the time.”

While the exact reason for the suspension is unknown, some of his viewers suggested it was because he allegedly told an off-meta support player to “kill themselves” during a game he was streaming.

Regardless of the reason for the ban, the controversial Atlanta Reign streamer has claimed that the “last reformation of dafran has begun.”

In a Twitter post, Dafran listed multiple “versions” of himself. The first, he said, was an adult anime-watching thrower. This was a reference to his infamous 2017 grief spree in which Blizzard themselves stepped in and banned the pro from two seasons of Overwatch Contenders.

The second version, according to Dafran, was toxic and would rage at teammates. This was probably a reference to his most recent suspension. However, just as before, there is no way to verify the exact reason for his suspension and Francesca wouldn’t elaborate.

Now, the newest version of the Danish Tracer God could be one for the ages. “Dafran v3: Family friendly???” the former pro bizarrely suggested in a totally out of character declaration.

The response to the tweet was mostly negative, with many of the streamer’s vocal fans not wanting him to change or asking if he was joking.

Popular YouTube channel Blizzard Guides weighed in writing, “pls say sike.”

“Mixer soon Pog,” Dallas Fuel sniper legend Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen sarcastically responded suggesting Dafran will be permanently banned from the platform in the future and forced to move to Mixer.

The only individual who seemed on board with the idea of a family-friendly stream was Overwatch League host Brennon Hook who replied with “SPONSOR FRIENDLY POG.”

While it remains to be seen what route Dafran will take, the Overwatch star has stated he plans to pop off when he returns from his suspension after hearing about the upcoming nerfs to shields in Blizzard’s team-based FPS.

Only time will tell if version 3 really is the Danish superstar’s final form, especially as pressure from his fanbase mounts. For his part, however, he has been able to tone down his antics in the past during Season 2 of the Overwatch League.

During his time on the Atlanta Reign, which lasted a single stage, the opinionated streamer managed to keep things together and even give interviews after matches while keeping things professional. Hopefully, he can do the same with this upcoming iteration of himself and stay out of trouble for the foreseeable future.

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