Dad-to-be accidentally kicks gender reveal ball into neighbor’s yard in viral video

Man kicking football filled with either pink or blue powderTIKTOK: indyajefferies

A dad-to-be went viral on TikTok after kicking an exploding gender reveal football into his neighbor’s backyard.

In a viral clip with 2.1 million views, TikToker Indya Jefferies stood next to her fiancé, as he was getting ready to kick a ball that had either pink or blue powder inside to indicate if they were having a girl or a boy.

However, the gender reveal went wrong after he accidentally hit the football with the side of his foot, sending it flying to their neighbor’s backyard. 

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The shocked mom-to-be covered her mouth with her hands, while the engaged couple’s family and friends were heard laughing and saying, “Oh my God” and “Oh no.”

Unfortunately, they were unable to retrieve the ball from next door because it exploded when it hit the floor. “The football exploded next door and we had to do it again. Didn’t realize you had to kick it down the middle to explode,” Indya wrote in the comments.

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The content creator later confessed that she’s glad they had a “plan B” otherwise she “would have cried and hated [her] fiance forever.” In a follow-up, the couple popped a black balloon and found out they were having a girl.

TikTok users in the comments were in hysterics over the gender reveal fail. “I’ve watched it about 60 times and it gets funnier every time,” one user wrote. “Is it the next door neighbour’s baby?” another added.

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“That landed in my backyard,” a third quipped. “He definitely told her he could have gone pro if it wasn’t for an ankle injury and she believed him,” someone else joked.

This is not the first time a gender reveal fail has popped off on TikTok, after a couple’s 4-year-old kid ruined their gender reveal by cutting their confetti-filled balloon’s string.

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