Woman quits office job to work at McDonald’s, breaks down in tears after one shift

woman cries after quitting office job to work at mcdonaldsTikTok/laysiamariah/McDonald's

A woman who quit her cozy work-from-home job to become a McDonald’s employee is already regretting her decision after just one day.

It’s not very often that corporate workers decide to switch up their careers by moving into the fast food industry, but that’s what TikToker ‘laysiamariah’ did after getting fed up with working from home.

In a viral video, the former office employee showed herself getting dressed in her McDonald’s attire for the first time while going over all the reasons for the sudden career change.

While the woman was definitely lovin’ it at first, things quickly turned south when she realized just how stressful working at McDonald’s actually was, causing her to break down and start crying.

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Woman reveals why she quit office job to work at McDonald’s

According to Laysia, working from home was making her “lazy” and it was beginning to affect her in a big way.

“I need to be out of the house to be motivated, so I got a job out of the house, just to get me out, get me more motivated and stop being so lazy,” she explained. “I find a get more done when I have things to do.”

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Despite the TikToker being all hyped up for her first shift, things went downhill with the woman revealing her face was full of tears by the time the day finally ended.

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“I don’t know if I’m going to go back tomorrow. I’ve got bills to pay. It’s just bleak out here,” she sobbed.

In the caption, Laysia noted that she was “rethinking” her life decisions, adding that work was long and she “hates people.”

So far, she hasn’t revealed whether or not she actually decided to go back to work at the golden arches, but it just goes to show that working in the fast-food industry can be very daunting.