Man attacks pretzel store employees after they run out of nuggets in wild fight video

man attacks staff over nuggetsTwitter/ATLUncensored

An angry customer is going viral after he attacked pretzel store employees – all because they ran out of small cinnamon nuggets.

Fights in restaurants aren’t uncommon these days. From infamous Waffle House melees to McDonald’s rumbles, there have been all sorts of violent incidents as of late, but one man has taken things to another level.

Earlier in February, a brawl at an Atlanta food court Auntie Anne’s broke out when a customer was unable to get his hands on some nuggets.

Footage from the incident spread throughout social media, with a man trading blows with employees and even kitchen equipment being used as a weapon – but the reason for this brouhaha is what has people talking.

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Angry customer attacks employees over nuggets

According to WSB-TV, employee Elijah Johnson was having a standard workday when a customer began asking for a small cinnamon nugget, something the store didn’t have at the time.

“I gave him the whole spiel, like, why we don’t have smalls. I gave him the price difference,” Johnson said. “He came around the corner, he hit me on the side of my face really hard.”

Eventually, the customer threw a drink and grabbed the employee’s hair, escalating the situation further and forcing Johnson to defend himself with a pair of tongs.

“I snapped. I went into protective mode for myself because I know that I didn’t do anything wrong to this man,” he explained. “I’m looking to press charges on the mall because you guys pay for security. There was no security around, even afterwards.”

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The staff were able to finally separate the two, but only after the restaurant had been trashed and the customer was sent on his way.

Johnson has since put in his two weeks notice and will be quitting the job, because he doesn’t feel safe.

A mall representative, however, says that Johnson declined to file a police report, similar to how the internet’s darling Waffle House avenger decided not to. It’s not clear if the angry customer will be allowed back into the mall in the future.