Customer catches DoorDash driver stealing his Little Caesars order

Kawter Abed
DoorDash driver picking up customer's order and walking away

A customer left TikTok viewers stunned after sharing home security footage of his DoorDash driver allegedly trying to steal his Little Caesars order.

TikToker Kawayne (kawaynej) posted home surveillance footage of his delivery driver pretending that they delivered the Little Caesars order successfully, only to then pick up his food and walk away with it.

He wrote in a text-overlay: “Y’all I ordered pizza on DoorDash and this dasher delivered my food and came back and picked it up! Then decided to bring it back after I told her I’m calling the cops and posting her on the internet!”

In the clip, the driver was seen leaving a pizza box in front of the customer’s door. She stepped back and snapped a picture of it on her phone to send through the DoorDash app as proof of delivery.

DoorDash driver tries to steal customer’s food

She then walked towards the door, picked up the order and walked away with it. The video then transitioned to a screenshot of a text exchange between the customer and the driver.

“I know that you took my food. I have you on two cameras, I’m reporting you, calling the cops and posting you all over the internet,” Kawayne’s message read.

Towards the end of the clip, the DoorDash driver was filmed returning the Little Caesars pizza she allegedly tried to steal.

TikTok users in the comments were appalled at the delivery driver’s actions and annoyed on the customer’s behalf.

“Why do people play with hungry customers,” one person questioned. “I would’ve still called the cops,” another wrote. “Nah would have told her to pay me the order amount and then reordered a free meal,” a third shared.

Others shared their own similar experiences. “Dasher is getting crazy. I had three drivers pick up orders from restaurants and then decline just to get free food,” one commented. “Yup they did it to me already lol I cried,” another added.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a delivery driver’s been caught stealing someone’s food. Last month, Twitch star YourRAGE blasted a DoorDash driver who ate one of his orders outside his house.