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Streamer with Tourette’s shares exciting update about Twitch partnership

Published: 17/Nov/2018 22:14 Updated: 17/Nov/2018 22:22

by Virginia Glaze


Popular streamer ‘Sweet_Anita’ has finally received a partnership with Twitch, despite her initial doubts on the issue.

While Anita initially doubted her chances of partnership with the platform due to her acute Tourette’s syndrome, it looks like the tables have turned in her favor: Anita went live in a stream on November 17 with an announcement of her new status, titled, “PARTNERED Tourette’s Chat: FINALLY I HAVE IT!!!!!!”

In fact, according to messages sent from Anita’s manager, Anita had actually received an offer for partnership on October 31st – just days after TwitchCon 2018. However, Twitch’s email was buried under a massive influx of notification and donation emails, thus hiding the offer from view.


Additionally, Anita had been approved a mere five days after submitting her application – rather than waiting the usual three to four weeks for an update.

Anita’s reaction was an excited one, and her ‘Partnered’ stream saw a major increase in subscribers.

“I finally got the the only tick I’ve ever wanted!” Anita wrote in a Tweet about the development.

Anita might already have some emotes in store for her new partnership, as well: in a hilarious clip from a previous stream on November 16, Anita admitted that artists in her Discord channel had already made a few emotes – just before a tic interrupted her train of thought.


Anita’s channel saw a massive surge in growth after clips from her stream went viral on Reddit in early October. Since then, Anita has been seeing a steady increase in subscribers, averaging over 4,000 new faces a month.