Alissa Violet wins Fortnite game on Tfue’s account after Clout Gang ambush his stream

Top Fortnite player and streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney had his stream taken over by members of the Clout Gang on November 16, and Alissa Violet proved she could take care of a Fortnite win.

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Tfue, a professional player for FaZe Clan, moved out to Los Angeles to join the other members of the FaZe organization, which shares a mansion with the Clout Gang (called the ‘Clout House’).

His new setup sees him collaborating with other members of the organization frequently, as his own personal brand grows as not only a top Fortnite player, but also a YouTube and streamer.

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But, on November 16, members of the Clout Gang and FaZe decided to play a prank on Tfue, invading his room with Halloween masks – just as he was in a top three situation in Fortnite.

Tfue quickly realized who it was, so the prank maybe didn’t go exactly to plan, but he then invited YouTuber Alissa Violet to complete his Fortnite game for him.

With only one player left, Tfue set up the game with the final opponent in sight, prepared for Alissa to simply take them out.

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Although Violet isn’t known for her Fortnite credentials, she looked composed as she took out the last player to win the game – although unfortunately none of it was captured on stream as Tfue had went full screen with his camera.

Alissa tried another game after, but was eliminated immediately by an opponent with a pickaxe, and that was her Fortnite career over as quickly as it began.

Warning: The below clip is loud.

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Tfue realized his mistake with camera soon after and switched to the gameplay view, proving that Alissa had in fact won the game – using a Mounted Turret which he must have set up for her to use.

Soon after the Clout Gang let Tfue get on with his stream and return to practice, but not before some quality YouTube content had been created – and he made sure to show the game replay of Alissa winning.

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