Courage explains why streaming is a much harder job than people think

YouTuber courage talking to a camera and his YouTube stream setupYouTube: Courage

100 Thieves’ Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop explained why streaming is a bit harder than people think, seeing as you’re juggling a whole lot of stuff all at once. 

Becoming a successful streamer and content creator has become the goal of many as it’s become easier and easier to get your foot in the door with either Twitch or YouTube. 

However, being a full-time streamer goes way beyond just sitting down, turning on a game, turning on the stream, and fragging out for hours on end. The cream of the crop are able to manage impressive gameplay with even better stream production, making things more of a show than just watching someone play a game. 

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As a result, things are much harder at the top than a newcomer might think, and it’s a message that Courage has reiterated. 

CouRage YouTubeYouTube: CouRage
CouRage has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Speaking on the Courage and Nadeshot podcast alongside Ludwig and Karl Jacobs, Courage noted how some guests are happier to hear that they’re recording the podcast rather than streaming it live because of how difficult it is to be alert and switched on, even if its for just an hour. 

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“I think a lot of people might underestimate how tough it is to be on for that many hours,” Courage said, touching on the differences between being a live streamer and a YouTuber who records and posts content afterwards.  

“You’re not only trying to play the game, you’re trying to entertain, you’re trying to interact with other people you’re with in the Discord, then you have people in chat, then you have the donos and reading off subs. It’s a lot. It’s a tough job. As TimTheTatMan would say, we work, we work hard.”

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Ludwig also had a light-hearted take on things, calling streamers “heroes” and putting them up just behind nurses when it comes to having a heroic job. 

The hard work that goes into having a successful stream is the difference between whether you’ll end up like Courage – successful and with a legion of fans – or giving up because it’s too difficult. 

Some thrive under the pressure, even if it does take its toll every once in a while.

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