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How to do a fake follower audit on TikTok account

Published: 26/Apr/2021 10:35

by Connor Bennett


Building up followers on TikTok can be pretty tough, but if you want to make sure if they’re real, you can run your own, or somebody else’s account through a fake follower audit – and it’s actually pretty simple to do.

Ever since social media has been around, fake accounts and bots have always been a problem for people to deal with.

Some people may, legitimately, get hit by a troll giving them thousands of fake followers in a bid to get their account suspended. In other cases, some people will just buy fake followers in order to boost their stats.


For the most part, it’s pretty obvious when you’ve been followed by a fake account – the name will usually have quite a few numbers in, and they’ll send spam messages – but some do slip under the radar.

TikTok smartphone
It’s pretty easy to check out details about your TikTok account.

How to do a TikTok audit

If you think that your TikTok account, or somebody else’s for that matter, has been hit with fake followers, then you should run the account through an audit.

TikTok doesn’t offer this on the app, but websites like HypeAuditor do. You just have to enter the account name in their toolbar and then wait for the report to complete.


Once the report is done, you’ll get a score rating the account for quality. The higher the score, the better your account is, and more chance you have of having real followers.

  1. Head to HypeAuditor’s TikTok audit tool
  2. Type in the name of the account you want to audit
  3. Hit check
  4. Wait until the report is generated
Charli D'Amelio tiktok audit
You can check out a whole host of details about people’s accounts.

Now, other websites offer similar services where you can get more in-depth results, but they’ll charge for those services. If you just want to check how real your followers are, stick with the free tools.

Maybe one day TikTok will give you the chance to audit your own account in the app, but for now, you’ll have to go elsewhere to do so.