Corpse Husband jokes about his chronic illness after Cult of the Lamb reference

Terry Oh
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While not a direct reference to Corpse Husband himself, naming combined with the questionably-worded line in Cult of the Lamb has spurred the popular content creator to talk about his chronic illness jokingly with TinaKitten — and how it’s not as easy as just resting to fix it.

In the hit indie game Cult of the Lamb, one of the main gameplay mechanics is keeping your followers alive. These followers often fall victim to illnesses, which can be cured by a myriad of ways. The easiest, especially in the early game, is sending the follower off to get some rest.

On a recent stream, Corpse was watching TinaKitten play through the game. She had named one of the followers ‘Corpse’, who then fell ill and led to the line: “Wait for Corpse to recover from illness.”

After seeing this, the real Corpse Husband chuckles softly, clearly amused by the situation present. Though still in his twenties Corpse has been diagnosed with GERD, fibromyalgia, and thoracic outlet syndrome — all of which are chronic.

Despite these obstacles, Corpse does his best to create meaningful content, thereby serving as a leader for others chronically suffering as well. The streamer shows up on other popular broadcasts, having become a very reputable personality in the industry.

The two then joked about Corpse’s condition, and how people don’t really grasp what it means: “People don’t understand chronic illness, we’ll assume.”

“Corpse, just go lie down! Why don’t you just go take a nap, you’ll feel so much better,” TinaKitten jokingly tells Corpse.

The two continue their banter: “It’s chronic, it’s life long. It’s not going away.”

TinaKitten then replies “have you ever thought about just taking a nap? Have you ever thought about eating healthy?”

While it’s a joke-filled conversation on stream, it’s one Corpse has likely had to deal with outside of the streamer realm hundreds of times. However his positive attitude and willingness to joke speaks volumes towards his mental fortitude.