How to cure follower sickness in Cult of the Lamb: Best meals, Camellia flowers, more

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One of Cult of the Lamb’s main gameplay elements is keeping your followers alive and kicking. But don’t worry too much if a follower gets sick. There are multiple ways to cure sickness for followers, so long as you provide them aid before they kick the bucket.

There’s nothing worse than being sick. Except for when it’s your loyal followers spewing their guts up after falling ill in Cult of the Lamb. Sick followers means a less productive camp, a lack of faith in leadership, and at worst, even the death of beloved cult members.

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As a result, it’s obviously crucial you know how to deal with sickness in your group as and when it arrives. From eating a dodgy meal to bosses cursing your camp, followers can be overwhelmed by illness in multiple ways so it’s always worth preparing in advance.

Here are the most effective ways of curing follower sickness in Cult of the Lamb.

How to cure sickness in Cult of the Lamb

Force your followers to sleep it off

During the early game in Cult of the Lamb, the simplest way to cure a follower’s sickness is to ensure they get a good night’s sleep. To do this, just walk up to an individual cult member and select the top option to force them into bed.

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Even through bright sunshine, this trick will keep a specific follower asleep until their sickness has worn off. Obviously, they won’t be able to work or worship during this time, but it’s a worthy tradeoff to guarantee their long-term health.

Cult of the Lamb sick followerMassive Monster
If you spot a sick follower walking around camp, it’s best to send them to bed right away.

Grow your own Camellia Flowers

For the mid to late game, it’s worth preparing some Camellia Flowers in advance. To obtain these medicinal plants, you must plant Camelia seeds preemptively after finding them on Crusades.Growing plenty is well worth the time investment as it takes 15 Camellia Flowers to heal each follower through a first aid station. Thus, you’ll want plenty stocked up in advance in case sickness strikes multiple cult members all at once.

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Cook some hearty meals for your camp

As a final alternate option, there’s always the method of curing sickness with a homecooked meal. In particular, the Delicious Fish Feast is capable of outright healing followers, though it only has a 30% success rate, making it a tad unreliable. Still, if you’re in a rough spot and need a quick fix, cooking a few of these meals in quick succession might do the trick. You’ll need the following ingredients to make the dish:

  • 1x Octopus
  • 1x Squid
  • 1x Blowfish
  • 1x Sword Fish

These rare fish can be purchased directly from the fisherman for 10 gold each after catching all of his requested items. This makes The Delicious Fish Feast a great option for the late game, when you’ll have a surplus of money in the bank.

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