Corpse Husband and Disguised Toast weigh in on Twitch vs YouTube debate

James Busby
Corpse Husband Twitch
Disguised Toast / Corpse Husband

Popular streamers Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang and Corpse Husband have given their thoughts on streaming via Twitch and YouTube, detailing which platform they prefer. 

Twitch and YouTube are two of the most popular platforms for streaming, giving content creators the tools they need to reach their audiences. Disguised Toast and Corpse Husband are certainly no strangers to either service, with both streamers raking in large viewerships when playing games like Among Us

As with every streaming platform, YouTube and Twitch have their own unique perks. In fact, many streamers often utilize both platforms to maximize their audience and reach viewers from all over the world. However, Disguised Toast and Corpse Husband recently sat down to discuss which one they prefer streaming on.  

Twitch vs YouTube

When asked if he enjoys streaming on Twitch in comparison to YouTube, Corpse Husband stated that “Twitch is much more user friendly, YouTube needs a lot of work I think. Just smaller things, like if they made the emotes bigger on YouTube and added raid functionality.”

Corpse Husband famously hit 1M followers on Twitch after his debut stream, instantly proving how popular the “faceless” streamer is. Despite his resounding popularity on the platform, Corpse has scarcely used Twitch. Instead of becoming a Twitch partner, the content creator continues to enjoy the freedom of streaming on both video-sharing sites. 

“I have nothing on Twitch,” said Corpse. “I don’t want to be exclusive to anybody, you know?” Disguised Toast also seemed to share this same sentiment. “I definitely don’t recommend signing anything with Twitch right now,” he responded. 

“When YouTubers start streaming on Twitch, they’re like ‘oh a partner deal, I can get subs’ but then they realize this is a very long-term binding contract.” It’s certainly a tough decision to make for many content creators and one that can have a drastic impact on their careers.