Corinna Kopf denies she slept with Bryce Hall after “outlandish accusations”

YouTube: Corinna Kopf, Bryce Hall

Facebook Gaming streamer Corinna Kopf has hit back at “outlandish accusations” from TikTok star Bryce Hall after she roasted him in a recent live broadcast.

Bryce Hall (the former leader of TikTok’s bombastic Sway House group) recently got a mullet, which he shared in an October 20 YouTube video.

Styled by the one and only Jeff Wittek, this was Bryce’s first foray into a different hairstyle since becoming internet famous. Clearly, it was a big step for Hall… so when popular streamer Corinna Kopf made a tweet about having a soft spot for mullets, his interest was piqued.

However, it doesn’t look like the interest was reciprocated. During a Facebook Gaming stream on October 25, Corinna essentially rejected Hall in spite of her apparent love for mullets.

Bryce Hall mullet Jeff WittekYouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall received a mullet from fellow YouTuber and podcast host Jeff Wittek.

“F**king, Bryce Hall quote tweeted me and I don’t want to be mean, but I also wanted to reply and be like, ‘No. Just no,'” she said. “Like, no offense, but you are not the mullet that made me tweet, ‘Mullets are hot.'”

(You can watch Corinna’s Facebook Gaming clip by clicking the right arrow in the Instagram post below.)


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A day later, Hall hit back via Twitter, writing: “Daily reminder to the stuck up Insta girls: Facetune doesn’t work irl.”

He followed up this statement by directly calling out Kopf: “Btw @CorinnaKopf my Tweet at you was a joke buddy… You didn’t need to go air me out on your Twitch stream lol. Just remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Hall clarified this statement in another comment via TikTok, where he appeared to allege that Corinna had made advances toward him when he was underage in Las Vegas.

Bryce Hall tiktok comment Corinna KopfInstagram: defnoodles
Bryce Hall clarified his “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” comment in a TikTok reply.

Corinna hit back at Bryce’s “outlandish” claims in a Tweet reply, stating that photos and videos taken during their encounter were time stamped and that no sexual interactions had occurred during their meeting.

“Oh Bryce, here’s the attention you so desperately desire,” she wrote. “Did I really bruise your ego when I decided not to sleep with you?”

A few hours later, Hall published another Tweet, claiming that he had just turned 18 during the time of their encounter. He attached a timestamped photo in his post.

This unexpected feud has fans raising eyebrows and waiting for more. At the time of writing, Corinna has yet to speak further on the situation.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for more updates on the ongoing drama between these two major stars… one of whom has made millions of dollars outside of her day job as a streamer.